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Tribe is Essential for a Happy, Healthy Successful Life

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

What if I told you that you don't have to deal with everything alone, all the time?

I see you, the human that busies themselves to avoid connection. The one with anxiety and social awkwardness. The one who feels secluded, excluded. Unloved. Unheard. Unsatisfied. These feelings are SO TEMPORARY. I promise you.

I myself have dealt with all of these feelings for most of my life. I also want to let it be known that I am AWARE that if I linger in this state, because I can also find myself actually wallowing in depression, that I will get stuck. Being unhappy and being alone is not how I ultimately want to live my life or how I want my son to view life. I fight hard to keep my head above water, but that gets extremely exhausting. That's where my support system steps in and I ALLOW myself to recharge.

I have some amazing friends. The type of friends that you can call for anything and they will try to accommodate. Ones that genuinely see my son and me as family. When I have free time (which is rare) I just want to share moments and experiences with them. But we are also all on our "Hustle and Motivate" journey and all have our own unique individual come-up, so we understand that space is essential, and we vibe when to step in and be there when shit goes off ( bc it does, we crazy lol). We listen, give advice and help keep each other grounded. If I did not have this group of ladies in my life right now, I would have fallen apart awhile ago. And I just don't have time to crumble.

Tribe is everything! A support system, the feeling of having someone to call if you get in a bind. A shoulder to cry on when you feel like giving up. A play date for your kids. Motivation to stay healthy mentally and physically. Oxytocin release! Just someone to share an idea with. The list goes on.

This is all a huge reason why I started Laced Esthetics. I have met so many amazing people through my line of work. Through the power of kindness and touch, I personally have experienced moments in the treatment room of being ELATED and at peace and heard and felt and supported. I don't want to just do esthetics to make someone look better to an undeserving eye. I want to be here for my guests in much deeper ways if they should need that. If they should need an ear to whisper a fear or concern to, or if they are itching to tell someone about a business idea. Maybe they just really need an hour of silence and touch to open the marmas and recenter.

My goal to provide a fun, inspiring wellness space where we can get together and have a good time in healthy ways (think workshops and group outings) on top of providing quality skin care services to get you feeling your best. Confidence and security in oneself is beautiful.

I am really looking forward to building a community here in Kansas City with Laced Esthetics and I hope you'll come see me for some relaxation and positive vibes soon. You can book an appointment here >>TREATMENTS MENU<<

Remember. You are not in this world alone, there are people who would love to see you smile and be your best. Practice self awareness, start asking yourself what you really want from life, and go out and get it!!!


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