Green Envee’s synergistic essential oil blend, French Lavender and Chamomile, contains the highest quality therapeutic grade essential oils possible. As a result, our synergistic blend of French Lavender and Chamomile is highly reputed as being the best at promoting a peaceful and relaxed state. Try it after a particularly trying day at work.


BODY THERAPY: • Relieves aches • Promotes sleep • Rebuilds damaged skin cells • Reduces scarring


MOOD THERAPY: • Reduces stress • Promotes tranquility • Relaxes the nerves • Relaxes and calms the mind




Lavender Essential Oil: Extracted from the flower of the lavender plant, this pale oil has a sweet, floral scent known for its calming and relaxing properties. It is also known as a sleep aid to alleviate mild insomnia and restlessness. Soothes sore muscles and ease joint pain, slows down aging with its powerful antioxidants while acting as an anti-inflammatory agent.


Chamomile Essential Oil: Steam distilled from the flower of the low growing aromatic perennial, this oil has high ester content, making it beneficial when used in massage oils for relief from muscle spasms and discomfort. It’s known to have a calming effect on the mind and body.


Suggested Use: This essential oil blend may be used in a diffuser or add 1- 2 drops to carrier oil for direct application. Discountinue use if irritation occurs. Pairs Well With: Relax Calming Aroma Mist | Relax Calming Roll-On


Full Ingredients: Sweet Orange*1, Lavender Oil*1, Rosemary Oil*1, Chamomile Oil*1 | *Essential Oil, 1 Organic 15 ml 50 ml EOIL-1704 cruelty free vegan gluten free nut free RELAX CALM Retail: 55 PATCHOULI + ORANGE AROMATHERAPY:ING PURE ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND Pro: Sku: ALL SKIN TYPE: 146 FORMULA