Green Envee’s synergistic essential oil blend, Egyptian Myrrh and Sandalwood, contains only the highest quality therapeutic grade essential oils available. As a result, our synergistic blend of Egyptian Myrrh and Sandalwood is known for its amazing benefits of enhancing mental peace and promoting spiritual feelings. This particular blend is a combination of the oldest known essential oils. Try it before a stressful day at work.


BODY THERAPY: • Soothes eczema • Boosts immunity • Prevents infection • Promotes cell regeneration


MOOD THERAPY: • Promotes meditation • Restores calm • Calms fear • Relieves grief




Egyptian Myrrh Essential Oil: Extracted from resin of the dried sap of the Commiphora myrrha tree, the golden yellow oil has a rich, smoky aroma that’s commonly used in incense. Known for its wound-healing properties, effectiveness on microbial infection such as fever and food poisoning. Maintains skins health, reduces signs of aging and soothes cracked skin.


Sandalwood Essential Oil: The thick, dark oil has a strong, musky aroma that’s used in meditation to support deeper concentration. The oil is also an excellent addition to massage and facial oils for its astringent properties, and can be used to cleanse and relieve sensitive and inflamed skin.


Suggested Use: This essential oil blend may be used in a diffuser or add 1- 2 drops to carrier oil for direct application. Discountinue use if irritation occurs. Pairs Well With: Zen Relaxing Aroma Mist | Zen Relaxing Boost Roll-On


Full Ingredients: Sweet Orange*1, Wild Harvested Myrrh Oil*, Wiled Harvested Frankincense Oil*, Sandalwood Oil*, Lavender Oil*1 |